Should I Vape CBD

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Thinking about vaping your CBD oil supplements? Here’s what you need to know.

With more and more athletes discovering how adding the natural balancing properties of CBD keep them at their best everyday, many are turning to vaping as their consumption method of choice.

Vaping CBD has quickly become very popular over recent years because it’s a discreet and highly efficient way to experience the natural benefits of CBD.

What is Vaping CBD?

In the simplest terms, vaping CBD is the act of inhaling CBD compounds that are in the form of a vapour. To vape CBD, you need a heating device called a vaporiser, which heats up the cannabinoids without burning them.

When you vape CBD, you draw the cannabinoid-rich vapour from the vaporiser’s mouthpiece and inhale it into your lungs. After holding the vapour in your lungs for a few seconds to allow the cannabinoids to be absorbed, you then actively exhale.

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How Do Vaporisers Work?

It’s best if we start with the basics of a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a personal inhalation device that precisely and evenly heats up your CBD and other botanical materials to their boiling points to produce a clean, cannabinoid-rich vapour that you can inhale.

The key here is that vaporisers heat up your CBD materials differently than say lighting them on fire like someone would when smoking. Vaporisers never reach high enough temperatures to cause combustion. This is important, because by avoiding combustion, vaporisers are able to eliminate the harmful toxins that can irritate and harm your lungs and throat.

Vaporisers come in various sizes, from larger, at-home units to pen-sized vape pens that are designed for on-the-go vaping (like our child proof, leak proof all in one pen vaporiser) .

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Benefits of Vaping CBD

Now a highly popular supplementing method among athletes and those with active lifestyles, vaping CBD helps your body maintain balance for peak performance. When you vape CBD the compounds are absorbed through the lungs and then sent directly to your bloodstream.

CBD supports your bodies efforts to keep balanced, what is called homeostasis.

Of the many ways to take CBD, vaping has quickly become a go-to method because of the array of benefits it offers.

First, as mentioned above, vaping CBD allows you to experience the balancing benefits of CBD while still taking care of your lungs. There’s no harmful smoke produced when you vape CBD, so you can give your body the CBD it needs to run at its best without exposing your lungs and throat to toxins, carcinogens, and respiratory irritants.

Vaping CBD is also an extremely efficient way to deliver CBD to your bloodstream where the compounds can get to work. When you inhale CBD vapor from a vaporiser, the active compounds are nearly immediately absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs and sent to your bloodstream. Minutes after vaping CBD, the cannabinoids are in a place where they can interact and help with your bodies well being.

Another benefit to vaping CBD is that you’re not going to be annoying to people around you. The vapour produced by vaporisers is almost odourless and dissipates quickly, and our unique E-liquid is designed as a super efficient delivery system with minimal waste with little to no vapour being exhaled into the air, so you don’t have to worry about it lingering in the air or sticking to your clothes.

Lastly and most importantly, vaping CBD won’t get you “high” like many other vapable cannabis products. CBD is non-psychoactive and won’t cause the same illicit effects of marijuana or show on drug tests.

Is Vapor Harmful at All?

By using a vaporiser and inhaling vapour, you’re able to avoid inhaling the harmful by products and respiratory irritants produced by smoke. The results of the small number of studies on vaporising suggest that vaping is a safe alternative.

In 2007, researchers investigated the effects of the vapour produced by a tabletop vaporizer and found that it was able to produce the same cannabinoid potency as smoking, but with reduced carbon monoxide levels and without any adverse events. A few years later, a study found that those who switched from smoking to vaping saw “meaningful improvements in respiratory function” after only a month.

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CBD Supplements You Can Vape

Natural CBD Evolution Ltd offers CBD E-liquids, in either Natural Flavour or in a range of flavours.

Our Natural CBD Evolution E-liquids are a unique blend of full spectrum CBD hemp oil and PG, which is an extremely efficient CBD delivery system with little to no vapour being exhaled into the air for maximum bioavailability and no annoying clouds of vapour.

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Get the CBD You Need for Vaping

Shop the Natural CBD Evolution Limted online shop now to have your CBD E-liquid delivered right to your door.

To learn more about CBD and the Natural CBD Evolution line of CBD supplements, visit our blog posts.

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