Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD oil Legal?

Our CBD oil is legal throughout Europe and many places in the world. CBD oil is made from a high CBD content hemp plant.

Does CBD oil give hallucinogenic effects?

Because our CBD oil does not contain psychoactive substances such as THC it does not give a hallucinogenic effect. The active ingredient is Cannabidiol (CBD) whose benefits are shown in many reports.

Will I sleep better?

Some people sleep well on CBD, others don’t. It usually depends on the reason why sleeping is difficult. On the other hand, some people notice an uplifting effect, that gives energy which could make falling asleep a bit more difficult. Usually, once fallen asleep, you sleep soundly. Should you notice that falling asleep proves difficult, take your last drops of the day 2-3 hours before sleeping.

Recommended amounts to take

Due to the way people interact with the extracts it’s difficult to offer advice so we generally suggest that people start slow and build up. This could be 1-2 drops for 5 days then adding another drop for a further 5 days until, hopefully, they find a level that helps.

Storage of the oil

Please keep the oil in a cool dark place when not in use.

What is the delivery time for Natural CBD Evolution products?

The delivery time normally is 2-5 working days.

Do I need to pay shipping costs?

Free shipping on orders over € 100.

Individually calculated Shipping on orders below € 100

How can I cancel or change an order?

If you want to cancel or change your order you can contact us by using the contact form.
See Guarantees & Returns.

The oil won’t come out of the bottle

This is due to the oil being quite thick after mixing, if the environment is cool or it has been posted during the winter this may cause the oil to be too thick for the dropper, to fix this just place the oil in a cup of warm water for around 3 minutes until it softens up.

The bottle keeps opening even after closing it tightly

If you get some oil onto the thread of the bottle it will act like a lubricant and undo the bottle. To stop this happening we recommend that you clean it thoroughly, both on the bottle and in the lid.

Can I travel with this oil?

CBD is generally not a controlled substance but always check the relevant laws regarding this for whichever country you are traveling to.

Does your oil contain THC?

Yes, due to the nature of the extract all cannabis (hemp) based extracts will contain trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids but is well within the 0.2% legal limit. We believe that full spectrum CBD oil is far superior to products made with chemical isolates and crystals, as the trace Cannabinoids all work together to produce what is called “The Entourage Effect”, just as nature intended. All amounts of each cannabinoid can be found on the relevant certificate of analysis reports.

Can I give it to my pets?

All mammals can benefit from being given,  cannabinoids to help promote well being.

Our pets are our family and we don’t do a “pet edition” or different extracts, they deserve the same treatment as us and should not be given substandard products, Natural CBD Evolution 5% drops are perfect for pets, just put it in their food or on a treat.

What are your qualifications?

We are not medically trained and are not pharmaceutically trained and we have no qualifications that allow us to offer you any advice. We are experts in cannabis and will do what we can to help to promote people’s well being, but all our knowledge is based on years of experience.

Can you take orders over the phone?

Sorry, not at the moment.